Time Fate Love

REGTEST ("Happy Valley Rock”)

Play us some music, lord
(you know I won't
come on too strong)
you can't refuse it, lord
(but you might be wrong).
You could call it Reggae.
You could call it R&R
Come on get ready,
there's a big ball going to roll.

You better get down brother
(don't you go too far),
You better get up brother
(you're a shooting star).

I had a dream in 1973
r dreamt a spaceship came down to deliver me
It was big & white and it had come a long, long way
A black-star liner?
Well, you know, I could not say

And it took me up brother
you know it took me far, and
then it brought me down brother like a shooting star.


It's strange the way the past seems always fine
when the present wears me down. and time & time &
Time lies heavy over me, as it does over you,
and the distance. and what you said I know it wasn't true.

Every hour, every minute. is like a hundred years,
And the pain I feel is measured not in inches But in tears.

So girl, so woman, friend or foe.
Just hold me close and please don’t let me go.

Well. my life now is O.K., in the morning, in the day.
But the night is long, the night is sad.

And that's when I have the dreams I know you never had
I know that I was wrong. I know that I was bad.

So baby, won't you come this way?
I'm walking down the street, I see the people that meet each other,
they kiss and talk and talk and kiss and talk.

Bu! I feel so alone
And the world is made of stone
And everybody's freezing to the bone Even though it might be warm
Even though it isn't cold.

It's strange the way the past…


I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go
I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go
I'm going to some place where I've never been before
I'm going, I'm going where the water tastes like wine
Well I'm going where the water tastes like wine
We can jump in the water, stay drunk all the time
I'm gonna leave this city, got to get away
I'm gonna leave this city, got to get away
All this fussing and fighting, man, you know I sure can't stay
Now baby, pack your leaving trunk, you know we've got to leave today
Just exactly where we're going I cannot say,
but we might even leave the USA
'Cause there's a brand new game that I want to play
No use of you running, or screaming and crying
'Cause you've got a home as long as I've got mine


Writing on dirty paper with nothing new to say
except that as I see it, today is just today.
The past is ever present with all its senseless pain
and through the nearest window it nearly
looks like Rain ...

Just like London

The logs here in the fire don't really want to burn
But as with all desire, you've got to live & learn
The flames which mea n to warm me, warn me
That bad things can still happen all the same.

Just like London

Children laughing, children crying, Children all the same.

But you'll grow up and through mistakes you'll learn to play
So keep your eyes peeled and watch out for the game sneak attacks

And keep your nose c1ean or you’ll end up on your back.

Just like London

Cheat the reaper & find a wife
Throw away your switchblade knife, Let your wounds heal.
Let your heart feel. let it feel...

Unlike London


I saw blue mountain today
but when I looked again it had turned to grey
I read your letter today.
but when I looked later on it had flown away,

Hey, things change Hey, things pass
And nothing was ever meant to last.
I saw a lovely bird today
But when I looked again, It had flown away, I looked at your photo again.
and again and again. looked out the window and all I saw was grey.

Found this stone on the ground
Picked it up and 1 heard a strange sound (It said)
No me pises, no me aplastes, yo no quiero que me tapen,

Talked to my friend last night
Our words were true, everything was right.
Black & white Black & white Black & white

We're true to ourselves Fight the good fight
Black & white Black & white Black & white

We’re true to ourselves
Fight the good flight
Black & white Black & white Black & white


Dancing girl with you cheep fur on
You know I will forget you
But for now dance on.

I see your face on a summer’s day
But it’s only a reflection
On a window, far away.

I saw your face on a sunny day
Vapor trails in heaves
Tears in you eye.

Dancing girl…


So well, so now, you’re here next to me
I want you so much, that it seems strange to me.
So strange that it seems wrong to me
Seeing as how seeing as how, you’re only on the T.V.
Ageless beauty with a sense of duty.

On a film, on a T.V. right now
Within sight, but out of reach
Oh I wonder, oh I wonder, oh I wonder how?
How to make you, how to make you
How to make you see me too,
Slow & easy with Virna Lisi in a bed made for two.
Walk the streets we’re both so happy
Because the whole things is so new.

You’re Virna Lisi, slow & easy, in a lifetime made for two
You’ve got blonde hair & blue, blue eyes
We’re strange pair under stranger skies…
Be fair, be fair. Don’t be surprised.
We’re strange pair under strange skies…

The image flickers, is there something wrong
This ain’t nothing, it’s only a song
So don’t you worry, don’t you hurry, just you tarry…
With me, coz I’m so lone…
and you ... in a dress, in a dressing gown. Going up or going down

With a smile up here & one down there.
Let me hold your hand. kiss your neck. get lost in your hair
I’m lost in your hair babe.

¡Lisi! ¡Virna Lisi! iLisi!

Oh Virna Lisi…

You've got blonde hair & blue, blue eyes,
We're a strange pair under stranger skies
Be fair. Be fair, Don't be surprised
We’re a strange pair under stranger skies…

The sky is falling, the sky is falling,
Somebody catch it please.
Slow & easy with Virna Lisi, in a bed made for two,
I ain’t got time to catch the sky, I ain’t got time for her & you.


Strange things happening round the corner
But their aim is unclear.
And I know that I felt much warmer, But that was last year.

And I remember visions of Joanna in the heat of summer Rome.
And then there was that girl from Pinner
Who turned a mouse into a Gnome.

But there's a year of thunder, a year of ice;
Years of blunders and years of vice.

Then there was that g1rt from Vauxhall
For a year and a half;
With the help of my priapic muscle
We had a damn good laugh.

And now I find it’s not the same in here,
Why am I lying on the floor?

You know somebody went insane in here,
And now they're knocking on my door.

(I'm feeling alright
Down here in the south of the world.
I’m feeling alright. feeling fine.
Feeling everything going the right way now.
I’m crazy ... I’ve got somebody else...)


Well the need that you feel. on a reel to reel.
It’s a laugh. It’s a cry. for some the reason why. But is the tape rolling?
Is the company controlling?
When solo in your room you really cry.
So, let’s get down to brass tacks.

You’re never safe from sneak attacks
on your intelligence, vanity and soul.
Cause when some fucker in a mood Hears the songs.
writes something rude you find a spade and dig yourself a hole.

Or a hole in your arm,
Lots of pleasure, lots more harm.
Plus: ego, madness, sadness, lots of love.

Well the things that you see, exposed on your L.P.
For you are the same on either side (A&B)

But some cunt's interpretation
Can destroy your reputation
Leave you alone, with nowhere to hide.

So I am just like me Lonely, sad and free
To choose my little deaths from day to day And I often think of you
And I hope you'll make it too
But the smallest death of all is on its way.


It was all so different before
No barricades in front of the door, Every single day's the same
Watch "not the 9 o’cock news" or just shame, shame, shame.

But that night, well it felt so right That day, when I heard you say...
You can get to know me if you want to Don't be a bore, don't be so shy,
Everything’s fine, don't you wish to? Think of Italy and look at the sky.
A bee far me and a bird for you, babe Look at mount Etna, burning the sky.
Earthquakes, whirlwinds, lightning, thunder


I'm always breaking glasses
In other people rooms
Forever making passes
at other people's tombs
No matter what existed
A few short years ago
The happy days were busted
and that's the way things go
What a good time
what a lovely time
What a good time
What a lonely time.
Agosto...Agosto... Perra!!!
And if I had some trousers
I'd walk right down the street
And if I had a mauser
I'd shoot everyone I meet
What a time!
What a good time
what a lovely time
What a good time
What a lonely time.
Otto...Otto... Perra!!!
Well I'm still breaking glasses
In other people rooms
Forever making passes
at other people's tombs
No matter what existed
A few short years ago
The happy days were busted
and that's the way things go


A girl called Time took a long, long trip & never came back;
A boy called Fate made up his mind and went on and on 'till it was too late.

But a girl called love, that flew to me from the air around; she filtered in,
into my skin, she didn't make a sound.

And every time I breathe I hear her sound
And every time I look or see
I feel her presence drawing near ...

The year was young and many songs were yet there to be sung
But I was sad, and lost the opportunities that I never had
But a girl fell near, near my ear and I saw her smile
She changed my life, became my wife, before t ran a mile.