After chabón


By the left, quick march,
Crua chan!
It was seventeen hundred
and forty-five,
the highland spirit
had revived,
Mac Dougall
and Mac Donald there,
the clans had come
from everywhere, singing:

Fee fi fo fum,
I smell the blood of a Englishman,
fee fi fo fum,
come on London, here we come.

We went all the way down south,
we were frothing at the mouth,
coming down to Derby town,
we'd beaten everyone around, singing:

Fee fi fo fum,
I smell the blood of a Englishman,
fee fi fo fum,
come on London, here we come.

We ended at Culloden moor,
feeling bad and feeling poor,
the redcoats had chased us there,
there we died and there we stayed, singing:
Fee fi fo fum, I smell the blood of a Scotsman,
fee fi fo fum, United Kingdom here we come.

We the bonnie prince has gone back home,
he's never gonna come back.

We'll do to you at Wembley,
we'll do it to you in pubs,
with the Scottish louts larking about.
Here come your rats, crua chan lad.


People moving every day
you know they move so slow
do they know why they are going?
do they know why they go?
look into the book of rules
and tell me what you see
are you all that different
are you just the same as me?

Waiting for 1989
we don't want no more war...

Love is slipping away
it slips away so fast
I always thought that it would
last and it would last
look into your book of rules
and tell me what you see
am I all that different?
Are you just the same as me
waiting for 1989
we don't want no more war...

Waiting for 1989…
and shut that door.


1,2,3,4 ... Estoy dando vueltas sobre el carrusel
Mi cabeza está podrida
Y se me quema la piel
Los pies me duelen
No tocan el piso
Mirenme ya, estoy hecho un erizo
Chau Mo Mo y chau Esther
Ya no tengo sentido
Y no tengo poder
Me muevo, me muevo
A tu alrededor
Lo que me queda
Es todo este temblor
El micro me lleva y no se dónde estoy
Puede ser Uruguay, puede ser Chivilcoy
Me mueven, me mueven,
La ruta se extiende
Lo entendido es lo que no entiendo


Mañana de sol, bajo por el ascensor,
calle con árboles, chica pasa con temor.
No tengas miedo, no, me pelé por mi trabajo,
las lentes son para el sol y para la gente que me da asco.
No vayas a la escuela por que San Martín te espera,
estás todo el día sola y mirás mi campera.

Tomates podridos por las calles del Abasto,
podridos por el sol que quiebra las calles del Abasto.
Hombre sentado ahí, con su botella de Resero,
los bares tristes y vacíos ya, por la clausura del Abasto.

José Luis y su novia se besan por ahí en el Abasto,
yo paso y me saludan bajo la sombra del Abasto.

Parada Carlos Gardel, es la estación del Abasto,
Sergio trabaja en el bar en la estación del Abasto,
piensa siempre más y más, será por el aburrimiento.

Subte Línea B y yo me alejo más del cielo,
ahí escucho el tren, ahí escucho el tren,
estoy en el subsuelo, estoy en el subsuelo.


Hello Frank how're you doing?
Are you alright?

Sunday morning blues, you know
Just ain't the bet
when you just want to
lie down and have a good rest.
Coz the nerves kind of get to you.
When you feel kinda small
and all those things moving
up and down against the wall
then you tie on that bandana
and you feel kind of tough
people know you know
that life is really of rough
and your mama comes and hits you
with a plastic telephone
and she's gone and told you
you're not even home
and she has called you
On that telephone
On that telephone
On that telephone
Your mum said you weren't home
She called you on the telephone
Your mum told you weren't home
Oh mama what did you do?
Oh mama what did you do?
She thinks I'm with her
I'm gonna get blue
I'm gonna cut my throat
I'm gonna smash my head
I'm gonna jump into the bath
I'm gonna lie in bed

Well anyway that never happened
because... one day...
religion came to stay
oh yeah religion come to stay
oh yeah bad vibes they've gone all away.

Religion came to stay
all right what you tell rastafari
I tell you god there in the heaven
and he looks after you
and that's what they say

Well I'm telling you from
the southern United States of América
that god and christ are in your body
and they're living with you.

Dominus, vosbicum etu
spiritu tuum
All right, let's pray!

Let us pray!
Po po po
Let us pray!
A ja ja ja
Let us pray!
Baby pray for us

Jesus Christ
won't you pray for us?

I think we're there
Oh, no maybe not
(doesn't matter)
keep on well you know
These songs get kinda long
especially when they call me on the telephone.
Well I've been thinking about things
But I've forgotten of what I thought
so I think I'll just go on and sing this.
Oh baby stand by me
Oh no, no
No woman no cry
Oh no no
The moron blonde!...


She came on the southern wind
She came like a morning snow
She did something to my brain
I don't just know quite why
She came like a winter wind
She came like a summer storm
She came and did something to my head
And now I'm gone
She loves me like a child
She loves me like a man
She loves me through ten whole years
And I know she held my hands
I showed her where to go
She showed me what to do
I'd do the same for me right now
That I'd do for you
Love like a lady
Love me like a baby
Love me like a pearl
In the heart of a seaman's girl
Love like a beauty
Love me like a whore
Tell me I'm a genius
Tell me I'm a bore
Come in - go down
Do it - don't do it
Think it - Don't think it
Live it - don't live it


Hasta que choque China con África
te voy a perseguir,
sería bueno que pidieras
que la tierra se mueva
hasta que China choque con África
te voy a preguntar:
No sé lo que quiero, pero lo quiero ya
si yo fuera tu esclavo te pediría más.
No sé lo que quiero, pero lo quiero ya,
si fuera tu esclavo te pediría más.

Nada te ata a leer la novedad,
nadie te pisa, nadie te invita,
ni te van a chupar.

No se lo que quiero, pero lo quiero ya.

No se lo que quiero, pero lo quiero ya,
no se lo que quiero, pero lo quiero ya,
No sé!


Rock it out, man
Sing the song today
Do it right man
Night and day
Rain falls down on me
Rain, rain, rain, rain
It falls on the trees
And it falls on the stones
And it falls on the earth
And old dry bones
Rain falling all over the world
Rain falling on the little boys (and girls)
It falls in the puddles
And it falls in the snow
It falls wherever you go
It falls in the desert
When you're dying of thirst
It falls when you think
You're the last
But you're the first


Los murciélagos son tétricos
Dan miedo y terror
Y nunca están limpios
Los murciélagos se quedan abrigaditos
En cuevas tristes
Los murciélagos tienen alas de cisne
Y se cuelgan hacia arriba
Viendo tu panza al revés
Viendo tu panza al revés
Los murciélagos vuelan sin problemas
Los murciélagos tienen radar
Los murciélagos lucen mejor cuando la noche es rara
A los murciélagos no les importa...
Revés al panza tu viendo!
Revés al panza tu viendo!
Yo estoy al derecho!
Dado vuelta estás vos!


Don't turn blue
In a good friend's bathroom
Don't try to reach the moon
Trough the things that go on
In the dark room
Don't let your heart not burst
Just because you must hide
We all know, we all know, we all know
That real life is inside
And there are you
With your black fur on
Just watching me, watching me you
Sing this song
Meet me halfway
It's not that long
And maybe we'll find
That we're not alone
Don't turn green with envy
Don't turn black with hate
I'm moving down the road
Walking, walking, walking
Walking, walking down the road
And I'm opening your gate
And the rain falls on the city
And the rain falls on the city
And the rain falls on the city
Baby, baby, don't turn blue
And the rain beats down
And the rain beats down


Stille nacht, hellige nacht
All ist schlaft
Einsam war
Nur der exen
Bawachten auf, warten auf
Christ der engel ist da
Christ der engel ist da
Noche de paz
Noche de amor
Todos acá por favor
mamá e hijo con antifaz
Disfrutando su noche de paz
Sueña un sueño imposible
Sueña un sueño imposible
Silent night, holy night
All is warm, all is bright
In the manger
See mother and child
When I see her
She drives me wild
Dream your heavenly dream
Dream your impossible dream
Silent night !
Silent night !
Silent night !


Percussion baby
Walking down the street
Prettiest lady that you'll ever meet
Percussion baby
On the cover of a magazine
The loveliest lady that you've ever seen
But don't say maybe
'cause I'm not a little boy
Percussion baby
Don't treat me like a toy
'cause everyday is Sunday
When you're so full of joy
Percussion baby, I'm not your little boy
Percussion baby
I don't want to see you fade away
Leaving right now here
Is the best way
Percussion baby
Hear you walk away
I hear the tip, tap, tapping
Of your high heels're going away
Never on a Sunday
When I feel you're no more here
Percussion baby
I'm so full of fear

You never said maybe
But I'm not your little toy
Oooh, percussion baby
I'm not your little boy